In a waste treatment plant dealing with municipal waste, glass, WEEE, post-combustion slag, etc. one of the first operations carried out is the extraction and recovery of ferromagnetic metal.

This happens because:

  • The ferromagnetic intrusions contained in the treated material are usually the ones in greater quantities;
  • Ferrous metals are easy to extract;
  • Purchasing a magnetic separator is not expensive;
  • The extraction of ferrous material involves a higher qualification of the treated material, as well as a surplus resulting from the sale of the metal;
  • Extracting metals prevents other machineries to be damaged;
  • The extraction process is automatic and it allows employees to be assigned to other tasks within the recycling plant.

The separation of ferrous metal happens thanks to the principle of magnetic attraction. There are different types of magnetic separators that can be installed in a waste treatment plant depending on the quantity and size of the ferrous metal to be extracted.